Health programmes running in Dartford

23 November 2017

Why Weight adult weight management programmes

A free 12-week adult weight management programme designed for residents with a BMI over 28. Each weekly session focuses on a particular subject, such as food labels, portion sizes and eating out as well as a weekly weigh in. At the end of the hour nutrition session a free 30 to 60 minute exercise class is available to all participants.


Health Walks

Free friendly weekly walks for all ages around the local community. Walks are led by trained volunteer walk leaders. You don’t need to book in advance. There are currently six health walks in the Dartford Health Walk programme – one on each day of the week.  You can get a full overview of walks on or


Don’t Sit Get Fit / Dynamo’s Family Weight Management Programmes

Dynamo Community Programme

Don’t Sit Get Fit is a free 12-week family based programme designed to help families become healthier and fitter.  It is open to all families in Dartford with children aged between five and 14 who are at risk of an unhealthy weight. The team work with children and their families to promote healthy weight through good nutrition, regular physical activity, and positive body image. This programme is run in targeted schools.

The Dynamo Club is a referral programme and accepts referrals from School Nurses, GP’s, Community Dietitians and other Health Professionals. Tier 1 – Targeted management of weight for children and young people with a BMI greater than the 91st centile or above. ‘Dynamo Club is delivered approximately three times per year.

Don’t Sit Get fit

Dynamo Programme

Get Active

Get Active aims to help make achieving people’s everyday dose of physical activity as easy and fun as possible through a variety of activities. The aim is to promote low cost physical activity opportunities across the borough.  These are listed on the website