Primary Care Networks

Primary care is at the heart of the NHS Long Term Plan which aims to provide world class care for major health problems, support people to age well and give everyone best start in life.

Since July 2019, GP practices have come together to work as Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Working together in this way will strengthen local GP practices and make sure that a wide range of care is available to patients as locally as possible.

PCNs will serve a population of 30K to 50K. There are 7 PCNs in DGS area: 

  • Dartford Central PCN
  • Dartford Model PCN
  • Garden City PCN
  • Gravesend Alliance PCN
  • Gravesend Central PCN
  • LMN Care PCN
  • Swanley PCN

What are Primary Care Networks (PCN)?

PCNs are groups of local GP practices working collaboratively with a range of providers – community services, social care and voluntary care to offer integrated and coordinated health and social care.

How could this benefit patients?

PCNs will have better understanding of local patient need, better access to consultation provided in different sites, deliver services closer to home, support patient participation and engagement on a larger scale, provide access to a wider range of services and provide an opportunity to build a robust community team.

What should patients expect this year (2019/20)?

PCNs will have access to wider workforce: clinical directors, social prescribers and clinical pharmacists. Plans for digital transformation to enable self-care will commence to help practices work together, operate at scale and improve efficiency across the system.

What are the plans from April 2020?

PCNs will aim to deliver a set of seven national service specifications. Five will start by April 2020: structured medication reviews, enhanced health in care homes, anticipatory care (with community services), personalised care and supporting early cancer diagnosis. The remaining two will start by 2021: cardiovascular disease case-finding and locally agreed action to tackle inequalities

To find your local PCN click here.