Self care and healthier lifestyles

Part of our vision is to help the people of north Kent to lead healthier and more independent lives and to be more aware of the support already available to them.

We offer patients newly-diagnosed with diabetes the opportunity to take part in an educational programme to help them manage their diabetes. We offer people with learning disabilities a health check each year.  At this appointment, they can discuss with the nurse or doctor any concerns they have about their health and receive advice and support.

We have also been working with our GPs to reduce the number of medications taken by patients with more than one long-term condition, and reduce any side effects that taking multiple medications can have, such as elderly people experiencing falls.

Our Meducate campaign was developed alongside Healthwatch Kent and patient representatives to help people make better use of medicines. It aims to inform the public about the benefits of talking to their local pharmacist as a medicines expert and about the correct use of antibiotics. It also encourages people to be prepared for minor illnesses with a home health kit and to remember to only order the prescription medicines they need, to help reduce medicines waste.

We have held expert parent/carer workshops to support parents and carers of children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder so that families feel more confident and commissioned an agency to provide support when needed.

When people do need health services, it is important patients know where to go for help, and that clinicians and patients work together to make the right decisions. NHS Choices, and Health Help Now, are all websites that can offer invaluable information to local people about local support and healthcare options.